20 Things A Bride & Groom Should Consider...

Getting married is an extremely exciting time for everyone! However for the Bride & Groom, it can also be quite daunting...but it doesn't have to be.

If you hire the right people in the industry, your day will run like clockwork (for the most part) mainly because they have had plenty of practice and experience. In our time as wedding photographers, we have seen and dealt with pretty much every situation. This gives us a unique perspective on your wedding day, which allows us to help guide some of those Brides & Grooms on how their day can work as smoothly as possible.

As part of that help and guidance, we thought we'd put together a list of things we think you as newly weds to be should think about so your day can be how you want. We are definitely not saying that these are absolute do's and don'ts, but just something to think about...they may even help you get those amazing photos you are after!

1. Your Wedding is Your Wedding
It’s as simple as that – the day is your Wedding day…suggestions from family or the internet are fine, but it's ultimately your day, and you can have a fluoro-pink dress if that's what you want! Mum always means well, but her wedding was a long time ago and things may have changed. It's your day, so make it yours!

2. Pinterest is Not Real Life
Pinterest is an amazing place to get inspiration for your wedding day. It's great for ideas, but don't forget to make your wedding day your own special timeless memory. Plus, most of those photos you see in Pinterest are not from real weddings, but modelled to look like them. We like to think that you probably don't want to be copying other people's weddings from start to finish, especially the photos. We will get some awesome shots, maybe inspired by those ones your saw online, but we want you to shine on your special day.

3. iPhones Are Not Cameras!
People at your wedding will want to take photos of you looking incredibly beautiful, but they also get in your photographer's way and this means we may not get that amazing shot.
Consider asking all your guests to keep their phones/iPads/cameras in their pocket or bag during the ceremony and, ideally, until after the family photos are done. You're paying us to be there to take photos, so your guests are able to be there with you in the joyous moment.

4. Take it All In...
You have spent weeks, if not months, planning for your special day. On the day, everything falls into place and it will feel like it is all over in minutes. So take the time during the day to take a step back and enjoy the beauty of the day, with all your family and friends – soak it all in. It's amazing what you have accomplished and it will all be over before you know it – make sure you remember it.

5. Bring a Change of Shoes
Everyone loves those must-have Jimmy Choo stilettos, and they will look amazing when you walk down that aisle. But when you are going to be walking around for a few hours, things might start to hurt, or you may get a blister or two.  Instead, consider bringing along some cute sandals or thongs – or better yet, make them part of the day and put some bling on them as well.  Your feet you will thank you later.

6. If Your Groom Hates Photos, Have the "You WILL Smile" Talk With Him Prior
Your wedding is important, and you want your groom to have his priorities in check. He may not be the type of guy that smiles all the time, but when he sees the shots of the wedding afterwards, he'll be glad he was smiling in them.

7. Glitter Doesn’t Make You Glow-y
Every girl wants to look like a princess on her wedding day. Having a beautiful dress to wear already gets you there - adding glitter can really make it look tacky. Plus in photos, it just looks like dandruff (no really, it does). Instead, go with some little diamantes or diamond-looking droplets instead – it will make a world of difference.

8. We Don’t Know Your Family
It is so much easier when you recruit someone to round up the people you want in family photos, otherwise make a list with their first names, and not just Mum & Dad. The quicker we get through family photos, the quicker we can go off and have fun getting the amazing photos you have dreamed about since you were 5 years old!

9. We Can’t Make 4 Hours of Photos Happen in 30 Minutes
Stunning images actually take time to set up in order for them to look as amazing as you want them to look on your day. Candid shots are lovely and beautiful, but if you're looking for those gorgeous shots of you and your wedding party, then you can bet the shots you've seen at other weddings didn't just happen. At the end of the day, we can try, but we're not magicians. Make sure you allow enough time in your wedding day plan to get awesome photos, you will thank us later!

10. Everyone Loves Food!
A meal isn't expected, but it is nice. It really does help if we have energy to keep shooting and we will continue to think of amazing ideas. A fed photographer is a happy photographer. By the same token, take a few snacks to share with each other and your bridal party - the key is to refuel so you can last.

11. No You Cannot Have Every Picture We Took
Not every photo will be worth having, we don’t always take great photos 100% of the time, plus Uncle Bob doesn't always pose nicely every time the shutter goes off.

12. Forewarn Your Photographer
If there is any family issues, feuds or fights, please let us know. There's nothing more awkward than putting feuding relatives together in photos, and trying to make them all smile at once.

13. Take Things Slowly
When you walk down the aisle, take your time and do it slowly, people want to look at you and we want to take photos of you smiling at your guests. The same goes for your bridesmaids. We know it's a nervous moment, with every eye of your friends and family looking at you, but they want to see all of you, so let them. Your groom also wants to see you, even if he is sobbing at just how beautiful you look!

14. Kiss, Kiss, KISS! Did We Mention Kiss?
When the minister or celebrant says, "You may now kiss your bride..." do that. Kiss her like you've never kissed her before (classy and within reason). A quick peck isn't a kiss, and we will most likely miss the shot. Enjoy the moment in front of everyone – they might even get a little jealous and that's a good thing!

15. Try an Engagement Photoshoot
Say you've never posed in front of a camera before, or your hubby-to-be isn't the best at smiling. It's always helpful to spend an hour or two getting used to the idea.  Plus, you get some beautiful shots of the two of you without being in your wedding attire. These sessions also help us get to know you as a couple.

16. Happy Brides = Great Pictures

Similar to the point about your Groom needing to smile, do so you…we know you’re nervous but it’s a happy day so really enjoy it as best you can. Everyone wants to see you brimming with happiness and excitement on your special day - let everyone else do all the worrying about whatever has gone wrong.

17. Four Seasons in One Day
Canberra is certainly one of those places where you will always need to bring a jacket just in case it gets cold, or starts to rain, or both. Plenty of other places around Australia can have similar weather issues as well, so go with the flow…we can't control the weather. In most situations, we will get amazing photos, but they won't be amazing if you stress about the weather. Its also a good idea to have a wet weather plan for everything. Better to have it and not need it.

18. We Tend to Book Out Early
Booking the wedding suppliers you want almost seems like trying to make stars align. The best thing we can advise is to put in an enquiry early and book well in advance – it makes it easier for us to be available for your day, and make plans in advance. Attempting to book us 4 weeks from your wedding is likely to result in disappointment.

19. We Want Those Perfect Photos as Much as You Do!
If there’s a photo you want us to get, ask us…we love being able to get those shots that you really want on your day – whether it's a shot of you holding hands, a shot in your favourite location, or a shot of you sneaking a kiss under an amazing sunset, we want to capture you in so go with it, trust us, it will be worth it!

20. Tell Us What You Want
As fun and intuitive as we are, we can't read your mind, or tell what you're thinking. If there’s anything at all we need to know that could affect your special day, make sure you let us know…it's a lot easier than learning about it on the day. Plus it allows us to give you exactly what you want on the day.

Of course, these are just some of the things we feel a Bride & Groom should consider for their special day. They aren't hard and fast rules, but they will certainly help to make your day even more amazing.

We are always available to answer any questions. So please feel free to email us at info@timelesscreations.com.au and we will happily chat with you about any other awesome ideas, issues or concerns you may have.