Love Stories

Real Weddings photographed by Timeless Creations

Beautiful moments in time, captured forever...

We have experienced some of the greatest love stories.  They are great stories because they're true; they have grit; they have soul. And we love being able to celebrate that love - that everlasting love.

As a part of a number of wedding packages, we provide an online gallery that encapsulates the events of our beautiful couples on their wedding day - all those amazing little moments that the bride and groom may have forgotten about, but we captured for them on their day. We share their story with everyone we know because we're massive romantics at heart. It's these moments in time we love capturing - the love, the tears, the smiles, the hugs. All those fuzzy moments that culminate in that massive day where two people declare their undying love for each other.

Feel free to browse through the amazing wedding love stories that we have been privileged to capture.

Enjoy their moments - live them through our eyes.

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