Ying Tan | Photographer


Hi there, I'm Ying.

I’m a wills & estates solicitor by day and photographer ... by all-other-parts-of-my-spare-time! 

I am also a mom of 2 little cheeky kids that I love dearly. I’d do anything for those to rascals!

Between 2008 and 2013, while I had my children, I was a wedding, portraits and events photographer for a company known as CY Creations. Since then I've been pursuing the lawyering-gig but photography has always been a passion! So much so, that I just couldn’t give it up. Plus, after Mark (the Director of Timeless Creations) basically begged me to work with him, I couldn’t say no! Mark was one of my groom’s back in the day…

I love capturing authentic, natural photographs of people - may it be of weddings, families, children, animals, events ... It's a cool hobby, and an even cooler job. I bring all that expertise and more to Timeless Creations.  

I look forward to photographing your wedding, to be the one to capture your best moments!

~ Ying.