Shannan & Will Jarden


When you've waited as long as Will has to marry his high school sweetheart and his one and only true love, it stands to reason that the wedding would be nothing short of magical, and it most certainly didn't disappoint. Shannon & Will have waited 12 years to get married, but seeing them together, you would think they'd just started dating. Their love and affection for each other truly show just how much they mean to each other.

Shannon & Will met in high school at McKillop College, and it was destined to be love as they both share the most amazing connection together with music and animals.

They have spent most of their time together, and still do to this day, laughing and sharing great memories, especially those of when they travelled together to Croatia and the Netherlands.

On a fine, sunny day in May of 2014, was when Will decided that he'd ask Shannon to marry him. They ventured to Honeymoon Bay down near Jervis Bay, where they shared a cute little picnic on a deserted beach, all alone together, where will summed up the courage to get down on one knee and propose to Shannon...and of course she said YES!!

Shannon & Will were married inside the stunning little gazebo and the very picturesque Tuggeranong Homestead, where they exchanged their own written vows, which were not only truly heartfelt, but gave insight to just how special they mean to each other. There were a few tears from friends and family.

Once the certificates were signed, and everyone had expressed their truer joy that Shannon & Will had become one, we headed off for some beautifully intimate photos, where Shannon & Will could enjoy some time together as newly weds...and of course we had to get photos of  the dogs, Talos & Rhino, and the horse, Mellow.

One special highlight of the evening, prior to the start of the reception, was some magic tricks being performed by Nomad the Magician, which stunned and amazed not only Shannon & Will, but everyone else standing around to watch.

The reception was such a delight, where loved ones shared some of the most treasured moments they recall of Shannon & Will...and again, more tears. The greatest thing was seeing just how humbled and appreciative both Shannon & Will were of what their friends and family had done for them over the years.

The last couple of truly exciting and fun moments we saw before heading home was Shannon & Will's cake cutting, or should we say 'Cake Smooshing", as you will see, and their "Bridal Waltz", both of which were just as hilariously entertaining and very much them. All in all, the entire day was filled with laughter, fun and most of all love....after all, isn't love all they need?


Wedding Info

Wedding Date: 8 April 2017
Photographers: Adrian King & Mark Jennaway
Ceremony / Photo Locations / Reception: Tuggeranong Homestead
Makeup: Jessica Bartley Makeup Artist
Hairstyling: Cath Leister
Flowers: Tesselaar Flowers
Celebrant: Lizzy Edwards
Cake: Cake Decorating Solutions

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