Rashel & Joseph Hong


Rashel and Joseph met 7 years ago when they were studying at the Australian National University. Since then, you could say that they have been inseparable. It was the little things that meant they fell in love so easily - it always felt like he was reading her mind so much so that they both often say the same thing at the same time, or finish each other's sentences. In fact, they both feel that it was destiny that brought them together, and for the right reasons.

It's that feeling you get, when you can't imagine life without the other. To Rashel and Joseph, that is what true love is and they both embody that with their whole beings. They have explored countless parts of the world together, enjoying the time they spend together more than anything else and they can't wait for all their future adventures together, hand in hand.

As they can read each other's minds, Rashel felt she would never be able to be surprised by Joseph, but on March 14 last year, he managed to pull off a huge surprise for her: proposing out of the blue, on blended knee, serenaded by the sounds of a violin - something she will remember vividly for the rest of her life.

On their wedding day, Rashel was excited and nervous, yet she couldn't wait to marry her soul mate. Once the formalities were over, we spent the afternoon walking around the grounds of the Australian National University, celebrating their marriage where they first met. It was a day filled with fun and laughter - one they will cherish forever.

Wedding Info

Wedding Date: 26 February 2017
Photographers: Adrian King & Mark Jennaway
Ceremony: The Chapel @ Gold Creek
Photo Locations: The Grounds of the Australian National University
Reception: University House, Australian National University
Makeup/Hairstyling: Flawless Complexions & Beauty
Flowers: ACT Artificial Plants and Flowers
Celebrant: Gina Callan, Licensed to Wed
Cake: The Cake Lady

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