Merrenda & Craig Dorsett


Craig and Merrenda have been together for six and a half amazing years. They found each other through a mutual friend, and at the time they were exactly what the other needed. It wasn't long before they both realised that they meant a lot more to each other.

On the 23rd of May, 2015, Craig took Merrenda to the Vivid light festival in Sydney, and proposed to her as they overlooked the Sydney harbour. He put so much thought into it, making the entire experience something Merrenda will never forget.

For them, love is something that comes naturally. It's in their sense of humour, the way the approach life and live it to the fullest, and in the trust and honesty they share. They love everything about their life, from the simple moments, partying with friends in fancy dress to the special ones like spending Christmas together at the South Coast in a caravan.

On their wedding day, Merrenda spent the morning with her girls in a beautiful house, while the boys hung out together down the road. She walked down the aisle at the Lanyon Homestead and they spent the rest of their afternoon there celebrating with their friends after some fun shots of themselves and the bridal party.

Wedding Info

Wedding Date: 11 March 2017
Photographers: Mark Jennaway & Kelda Rundle
Ceremony: Lanyon Homestead
Photo Locations: Lanyon Homestead
Reception: Lanyon Homestead
Makeup: Trixie Vancartier
Hairstyling: Creative Image Hairdressers & Lanyon Hair Centre
Flowers: Joan Gare
Celebrant: Lynn from Lovelly Weddings 
Cake: Leisa Keen
Cars: Neil Nicholls, Mark Davis & Kevin Stockden

Wedding Slideshow