Mark Jennaway | Director & Principal Photographer


Hi there, I'm Mark.

To be completely cliché, I have an absolute passion for photography - but I really do! I used to be in the public service and now I’m very happy to say that I have quit that to do what I love most - photography! Short of spending time with my amazing family, photography is my entire world. I love it! I'm immersed in it and I love sharing my creativity and artistic vision with everyone I meet.

I’m a nationally and internationally published professional photographer from Canberra and I’m also an Accredited Professional Photographer with the Australian Institute of Professional Photography (AIPP) and the Director of Timeless Creations.

I’m a 6th-generation photographer in a long line of Niestadt and Bijl photographers dating back to the 1700s where my great-great-great-grandfather repurposed a telescope he bought from a circus to bring photography into the Netherlands. He is considered the pioneer of photography within the Netherlands. To this day, the Niestadt and Bijl families are still two of the highest regarded photographic families within today’s photographic community.

My grandfather left us for a better place, late 2016, and afterwards he gifted me his cameras and lenses in his will. He was such an amazing photographer as well as my inspiration, a man I learned so much from. He was always heard saying “nothing is without beauty in this world,” and his images truly showed that. When I’m shooting now, I feel his presence guiding me, helping me create my version of the beauty that is everywhere.

I also love creating and capturing emotion through my photography, taking inspiration from things as simple as a flower, to things as complex as the human mind. I also love the way my photography is received by so many people, making them smile and feel amazing about themselves. That is the simplest of joys and something that I truly love.

I, for one, used to hate having my picture taken for many reasons (ask me, I'm more than happy to talk about it), so my photography is based around making you feel as comfortable, natural and relaxed as possible. I am professional, fun-loving, dedicated, punctual and easy-going. I strive to create joyful, artistic and beautiful imagery. I have an eye for detail that sometimes even annoys me, but without it, I wouldn't be able to create the art I share with you all.

I specialise in real estate, fitness, studio, fine-art nude, couples and wedding photography. I bring all that expertise and more to Timeless Creations. All you need is a sense of fun and enthusiasm! I'll add the rest!

I look forward to meeting you and helping create magic in your life!

~ Mark.