Jodi & Ben Farrell


Jodi met Ben just over 3 years ago, when they were at the same barracks together. She had a coffee machine in her office and once Ben discovered that fact, his need for caffeine increased drastically, making appearances at least twice daily. Ben thought he had stayed under the radar, but apparently he was more obvious than he thought.

Both Jodi and Ben have lives that require them to travel a lot, and for the most part, they were not travelling together. They started to realise just how much they needed each other in their lives the more time they spent apart.  One memorable weekend away in Sydney became one of many, and they soon realised they were falling in love with each other!

Jodi loves Ben' s tenacity as well as his love for coffee - over the years, they have collected perhaps a few too many machines in support of their caffeine addiction! However, it was just how well he "got" her that sealed the deal in her eyes. Ben loves Jodi's sense of humour, and how accepting Annabelle (Jodi's daughter) is of his presence in her life, and that was it for him, he couldn't wait to marry Jodi.

After 7 weeks away, Ben had finally returned and he had one thing on his mind - a haircut.  Jodi waited patiently with him, her phone chimed with a message from him - "I think we should go looking at rings." She replied with nothing more than a "Ha!" until she realised what he meant.  After the haircut, they found the perfect ring and he proposed to her with that ring, in a park, in front of Annabelle.  A treasured moment that neither of them will ever forget.

We were honoured to be able to join them for their day and to share in their happiness and love for each other.

Wedding Info

Wedding Date: 19 November 2016
Photographers: Adrian King & Mark Jennaway
Ceremony: Secret Location
Photo Locations: Pialligo, the National Carillon, Aspen Island.
Reception: Secret Location
Cars: A1 Classic Car Rentals

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