Brooke & Jon Monomai-Aviga


Brooke has known Jon for just over 7 years now, having met at the same workplace. And for them, they knew they had something truly special when they had to spend 9 months apart early in their relationship. The time apart didn’t break them at all – it helped create an even stronger bond between the two of them, and one they know will last forever.

In July of 2015, Jon proposed to Brooke.  It was a very memorable occasion for Brooke, almost as memorable as the look on his face when she told he was going to be a Dad. Brooke and Jon have a beautiful daughter, Ivy, and she is their world.  Ivy was also able to share in the moments of her parents’ marriage, and was almost a part of their first kiss as husband and wife!

Jon has taken Brooke to many places (none more amazing than Niue, a beautiful island country in the South Pacific Ocean), but still finds waking up next to Brooke the most satisfying part of his life. Brooke loves how much Jon supports her in every way and that Jon’s family welcomed her with open arms, providing them both with the love, comfort and fun a big family can bring.

On their wedding day, we spent the afternoon celebrating their marriage at the Rose Cottage Inn.  There were tears (mostly from Jon), great people, great food, and even an ice cream van. But most importantly, it was night they will never forget!

Wedding Info

Wedding Date: 13 April 2017
Photographer: Mark Jennaway
Ceremony: Rose Cottage
Photo Locations: Rose Cottage
Reception: Rose Cottage
Makeup: Jessica Dorothy Makeup Artistry
Flowers: Poetry in Flowers
Celebrant: Murray Easterby