Amy & Adrian Hebda


Adrian met Amy for the first time, over 17 years ago, while attending high school together. Four children, two houses and an engagement that lasted 11 years, they finally tied the knot! Yes, this is one of those love stories - one that stands the test of time!

After all those years, there are so many unforgettable memories that Amy and Adrian have shared together, including being present for the miracle of birth for each of their four amazing children. However, one moment will always be etched in Adrian and Amy's love story - that of the night they first met.

It was their high-school social.  Adrian vividly recalls seeing a stunning girl wearing a black top, jeans and platform shoes dancing the night away.  Too scared to ask, Adrian waited until what he thought would be the last slow song of the evening, KC & Jojo's "All My Life".  Panicking, he blurted out "Would you like to dance?" and was met with an amazing smile and a "Yes".  As they put their arms around each other, Adrian knew that he had just started something truly magical.

It was Amy's blue eyes that truly stole his heart and to this day, every time he stares into her eyes, he gets the same feeling as he felt that very first night on the dance floor.

Amy can't quite put a finger on exactly why she fell in love, but all she knows is that she had to spend the rest of her life with Adrian.  Everything about him is perfect to her. She will always remember the night he proposed to her as it was the same day as the birth of their daughter 11 years ago.  She wouldn't leave the hospital room so Adrian was forced to get down one knee right then and there to pop the question.

On their wedding day, Amy spent the day with her closest girls, and Adrian with his three brothers, all of whom were in the bridal party, which meant far too much fun was had at every moment.  From the ceremony, to spending time at the National Gallery of Australia for their location photos, to the hilarities in the speeches, their day was truly memorable!

Wedding Info

Wedding Date: 18 November 2016
Photographers: Mark Jennaway & Shae Waite
Ceremony: St Michael's Church, Kaleen
Photo Locations: The National Gallery of Australia, James Turrell's Skyspace
Reception: Canberra Rex Hotel
Event Styling: Events By Ally
Makeup: Elicia @ Makeup by Elicia
Hairstyling: Ellen @ Dimensions Hair Studio
Flowers: Louise @ Elegant Wedding Flowers ACT
Celebrant: Father Luis Viovicente
Cake: Robyn @ Party Cakes by Robyn
Cars: Horsepower Limousines
Music: Sound, Sealed, Delivered

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