Once or maybe twice in a lifetime, you cross paths with someone and you realise it maybe wasn't just a chance meeting. It was love at first sight! OK, that's perhaps a bit much. However, it's safe to say that when both Adrian and Mark met for the first time, there was a spark that set things in motion, an idea that grew to gain momentum that culminated in Timeless Creations.

Both Adrian and Mark think and shoot in a very similar manner and it made complete sense to both of them that they join forces.  In doing so, they brought their combined expertise of over 15 years of professional photographic knowledge, fun-loving nature and flair for finesse with them, and struggled bitterly over a name for their new venture. They eventually settled on 'Timeless Creations' because that's exactly the style of photography they want to bring to all of Canberra and the surrounding regions.

Timeless Creations brings together two people who not only believe that photography shouldn't cost you the earth, it should be fun, relaxed, modern yet all about you, which is why you'll find that Timeless Creations can provide the style of photography you will absolutely love.  

Both Mark and Adrian will stop at nothing in order to give you the best quality service, fun and entertaining photography, and the highest quality images for a fraction of the cost you would expect to pay.

If you're looking to get to know us a little better, continue reading below!

I have an absolute passion for photography, meeting new people and creating amazing art. So much so, that I decided to take it as far as I can.

My name is Mark, I'm a nationally and internationally published professional photographer from Canberra and I am an Accredited Professional Photographer with the Australian Institute of Professional Photography (AIPP)

I love creating and capturing emotion through my photography, taking inspiration from things as simple as a flower, to things as complex as the human mind.

Nothing is without beauty in this world, and I show that in every photo I take.

I, for one, used to hate having my picture taken for many reasons (ask me, I'm more than happy to talk about it), so my photography is based around making you feel as comfortable, natural and relaxed as possible. I am professional, fun-loving, dedicated, and passionate. I strive to create fun, beautiful and quirky shots with an eye for detail. I also make sure that every photo is produced for you at the highest quality. 

I specialise in beauty, fashion, fitness, avant garde, fine-art nude, couples and wedding photography, as you can see by browsing through images on here. I bring all that expertise and more to Timeless Creations and I can't wait to watch the magic that will occur when we're behind the lens. All you need is a sense of fun and enthusiasm! We'll add the rest - I look forward to helping bring the magic alive!

~ Mark. 



My name is Adrian, but most people call me Adz. I'm a nationally and internationally published professional photographer in Canberra, and I am an Accredited Professional Photographer with the Australian Institute of Professional Photography (AIPP).

From an early age I've had an interest in photography. I have been using cameras since the early '90s – starting with an old Pentax my father owned. From there, my interest grew and inevitably led me to digital photography. Photography is my passion and means of artistic expression. I'm into all styles from the mundane to the completely crazy.

The most important aspect for me is making a connection with someone, after all, I'm a 'people' photographer. It's that connection that really helps me understand what they want from a photoshoot or their wedding. I absolutely love what I do, and being able to capture little moments in time, and share that with the world...that's where it's at for me. 

I specialise in weddings, beauty, fashion, editorial, sports and fitness photography, but I'm definitely not afraid to try anything new.

~ Adz.