Perhaps something you haven't even thought of - why not take us with you on your destination wedding?

For you, this means choosing a photographer you know and love; a photographer who is local to you and isn't going to be impossible to contact both before and after your wedding day; someone with whom you can meet and fall in love with, the way we fall in love with all our clients and their beautiful love stories. But best of all, it means you get our quality service without having to spend through the nose to get us to your location.

We take pride in being there for you on your special day in order to create your memories, captured forever.

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Travel - Short-haul

If we can get to your location by car, we are more than happy to do that.  All we ask is that you cover the cost of travel to and from the location at $40/hr. Sometimes, based on which package you choose, we may even throw in the cost of travel for free!

Travel - Long-haul / International

If we're travelling interstate, it's our preference to travel by plane.  All we ask is that you cover the cost of the flight, and we are more than happy to travel on budget airlines to help you keep costs as low as possible. Ask us about how we can keep this cost as low as possible!

Accomodation Prices

For short-haul trips, we ask that you cover 2 nights' accomodation for our stay. For the long-haul, 3 to 5 nights accomodation, depending on location, if location scouting is required, or if jet-lag could be a concern.  

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Every couple's wedding day is completely different. Yet with your destination in mind, we will charge you no more than we would usually charge for our packages.  Just add accommodation and travel!

We can build any package that suits your budget and covers all your requirements, from the simple 2 hour coverage, all the way through to a full day with loads of fantastic extras.

All Our Packages Include:
~ High resolution images on portable media (on USB, etc)
Two experienced and professional photographers
~ Professionally and personally retouched images
~ Web gallery and personal blog

Other Options Include: Engagement Sessions, Photo Albums and a Studio Style Photo Booth

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Contact us today and let the love story begin.

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