The Canberra Mustangs

Raiders… Brumbies… Cosmos… Capitals. These are all sporting names synonymous with the Nation's Capital, Canberra. Get ready to add another to that list - The Canberra Mustangs!

Who are The Canberra Mustangs you ask? They are Canberra's first National Ladies Gridiron League team.  Formed in October 2014, they have used the last few months to their advantage by working with the best coaches in the Capital, such as Head Coach, Jimmy Madden and Defensive Coordinator, Joseph Taula.

In fact, collectively, the girls also have over 25 years of experience at their disposal with guys like Luke Job (Quarterbacks coach) and big James Jones (Coach J - Offensive and Defensive Line coach). The combination of these 4 guys makes The Canberra Mustangs a force to be reckoned with, and come game day, they will be completely unstoppable.


2015 sees the launch of the Ladies Gridiron League in October, and as The Canberra Mustangs prepare for their inaugural season, Timeless Creations are capturing training sessions, tryouts and profile shots in preparation of getting the word out in the Canberra community about this fierce and dedicated team. They're extremely committed to the game and to each other, and they're not afraid to put their bodies on the line in the name of the game.


Timeless Creations are extremely proud and honoured to be the Official Photographers for The Canberra Mustangs.

As the 'stangs prepare for their inaugural season, we were able to catch up with three girls from the team, Pettra, Dani and Kat, who are gearing up for a massive season of fast action and big hits on the field… But make no mistake, these girls are just as sweet, friendly and fun-loving as they are fierce and, hard-hitting and dedicated.

TC: We're super excited to catch up with you prior to your very first season in the LGL (Ladies Gridiron League). What would you like the good people of Canberra to know about you all?

Pettra: "That we're dedicated to the sport, and that we take it seriously. We want Canberra to get behind us before the season starts."

Dani: "Yep - we're not prissy little girls. We're looking to build support for what we're trying to achieve as a team."

Kat: "We've got to get the name out there . We want our fans to know that our version of the game is really fast - the closest thing you can compare it to is Sevens Rugby."

TC: What's the most important thing you've learned as a Canberra Mustangs team member?

Pettra: "How far I can push myself! The training is full on. We often do two gym sessions a day, and I'm amazed how much stronger I've become."

Dani: "Commitment is really important. Team spirit is a really big thing for me, and all the girls have great drive, which is what I love!"

Kat: "How to share my experience. I played for Sydney Surge, so with some of the girls new to the game in the Mustangs, I can really help them learn."

TC: What would you say is the team philosophy of The Canberra Mustangs?

Dani: "Again, for me it's the commitment. Our expectations are so high - you need to be pretty much in hospital to have an excuse to miss training."

Kat: "We're only going to get out of this what we put in. As a small Territory, I want to show my old teammates that we can compete!"

TC: Were you a football fan before taking up this sport?

Pettra: "I knew a lot about it, but one of my cousins started a team and it was then I decided I really wanted to join in. Now I love it!"

Dani: "I actually played rugby, but knew a girl who was playing LFL in the States, so kind of watched what she was doing. I really like it. I gave it a go, and once I made the switch, I haven't missed a training yet!"

Kat: "I came from Rugby and made the leap as well. I've played in Sydney local teams, the ACT Monarchs, NSW State and now here for The Canberra Mustangs!"

TC: Who would you love to see play the inaugural half-time show at the LGL Final?

Pettra: "Oh, that's hard! Maybe Cher? She's pretty amazing, I think!"

Dani: "Robbie Williams!"

Kat: "Beyoncé? Everyone says that, though. How about Drake? Or both?"

So, there you have it… A few words from some of the amazing team players - their excitement is as obvious as their commitment to win the LGL.

As we get closer to the very first game in October, the hype and publicity is going to increase, along with each player's excitement and tenacity… It will mean the world to each and every member of the team, from the players to the coaches, if all of you out there got involved, showed your support and helped show the rest of the nation just how we do it here in Canberra!