Surrender To Cake... You Won't Regret It!

In the wedding industry, sometimes it can be a little daunting trying to delve through the plethora of different suppliers for your special day. Timeless Creations not only offers their clients amazingly affordable wedding photography, but the opportunity to not have to spend days trying to find the right supplier – this way, we can make your day as fuss-free as possible.

In the realm of cakes, there are more than enough suppliers to feed a small army! But to make your choice simple, Timeless Creations caught up with one of Canberra's best cake decorators, Monique Roeton from Surrender to Cake.

Make no mistake, Monique doesn't just make wedding cakes. In fact, you're more likely to see cakes like a Monopoly board or an Alice In Wonderland cake… Regardless, Surrender To Cake should be your first stop when looking for a cake for that special occasion!

We wanted to find out how a simple set of unassuming ingredients can be sculptured into some of the most amazing creations we have ever seen!

We also wanted to find out a little bit extra about the person behind that apron, so we sat down with Monni over a cuppa and picked her brain…

TC: Hi Monique, thank you for your time… Let's start by asking: how did you get into the cake decorating business?

Monni: It all began when a colleague asked if I'd join her in a flower making course. I had absolutely no plans or any idea what it would lead to. I enjoyed it a lot and then a friend asked if I'd make her wedding cake! Massive! It needed enough to feed around 250 people, and as I had never done it before, I was very impressed with the end result and myself. From there I had a family member and a dear friend also ask for wedding cakes and it hasn't stopped since... as they say the rest is history. I have been asked many times to open a shop but I love my job too much and enjoy cakes as my hobby.

TC: We understand you also teach at CIT! Can you tell us a bit about how you started, and what your favourite moment was?

Monni: I am fortunate that I was a great apprentice to one of the teachers and they had recommended me for the job. I am on my second contract and look after all the International students within the Trade Skills area. I was handed this role within 3 months of commencement. I have the most amazing job, not everyone can say they love their job and go home and love their hobby or second job. My favourite moment is difficult, as there are many moments which are such a pleasure. I have a lot of fun with my students at work, but the best moments are when they thank me at the end of the day for teaching them something new or how they have enjoyed their day. This makes it all worthwhile!

TC: Your students must love learning from you, what's the most rewarding thing about teaching?

Monni: At the end of the year when they graduate and they all come to thank me and introduce me to their family who travel all the way to see them, and when they visit home they always bring me a treat as they know I love cake!!

TC: What's the whackiest, "out there" cake you've ever made?

Monni: Hmm………I would have to say the opportunity to make the cake for the grand opening of Salon Altenburg in the Hyperdome! They are a very creative bunch and wanted something to suit their personalities so I created a sphere cake with pulled sugar to create a hair piece. Other than that, the most unusual could be a cake topper for a dear friend who is a caterer, and they needed a fluorescent pink cake with a green and yellow striped fish and an orangutan hanging off the side. Nothing made sense but it looked fantastic of course.

TC: We hear you've just recently been published in an International Magazine, tell us about that.

Monni: Sure! I had the wonderful opportunity to enter a cake into a competition where we had to have used images on icing. I had recently made a monopoly board and you guys took some amazing shots so I sent them to the editor of Cake Masters magazine in the UK. I received an email saying they were fantastic shots and they hoped I win as it was an amazing cake. There were many cakes entered form around the world and many of them used a completely different style I had never seen before. These were the cakes that won but I had received an email stating that I had been featured in the magazine along with a certificate I could post on my page or print out for my wall. I was absolutely chuffed and my family in the UK purchased a copy of the magazine for me. I am really looking forward to seeing it!

TC: So what's in store for Surrender To Cake this year? Any special projects?

Monni: Many more cakes I am sure, but I would really like to create something of my own instead of using ideas from customers. I want to create more gravity defying cakes as they are a challenge and I enjoy them the most. I have also been asked to run demos at Latorta in Majura Park and I am very much looking forward to that as well. I'm so close to reaching one of my milestones of 500 likes on Facebook!! I think that's special. Mostly I'm looking forward to creating memories and fun times for parties in the form of cake!