Don't Judge A Book…

In an ever changing world, some constants in life sometimes often seem to be the hardest to achieve and maintain. Work. Love. Health. We all want to achieve the greatest result in life, in the easiest possible way…that is human nature and that's ok. Who wants to work their butts off to get what they want when we can just wait for it to be given to us, right? Wrong. And we'll tell you why.

Life isn't about expecting things from others, nor is it about waiting for that great opportunity to come knocking on the door. Have you ever heard the expression, "Good things come to those who wait"? This doesn't seem conducive to the concept of going out and getting what we want in life - it suggests we wait for it to happen. Now, we know what you're thinking, that's not the lesson of that particular saying…yes, we know. Our point is, if you want something in life, go out and work for it - do your utmost to get what you want because sitting around waiting isn't going to help you do that. The feeling of achievement is far greater when you work for what you want…it means you OWN it.

All of this is so very true about Brad Jones, someone who you may not think would work overly hard. Why do we say this? Well, for the most part, he's young, bright and definitely handsome. As a part of our modern society you may expect him to be quite relaxed in his approach to life, work, love and health…but that's where we are all wrong.

Brad has had probably one of the toughest journeys in life, and he came to us so he could tell his story in order for you all to understand him for the friendly and amazingly inspiring guy he is! This is one of the truest stories about how you shouldn't judge a book by it's cover…

Timeless Creations: Hi Brad, Thank you so very much for taking the time to sit with us and give as an insight into your life and where you've come from, and where you are now.

Brad: Thanks for this opportunity to tell my story, and allow people to get to know me a little better.

TC: So, tell your own words, what is it like being 'Brad Jones'?

Brad: Well, I like creating new opportunities in my life. I'm not afraid to do something that people expect that I can't do. People say that I can't do it and that's where I am happy to prove them wrong.

TC: There is a lot that people don't know about you. What's one thing you'd like to share?

Brad: Most people don't know that before bodybuilding, I was in a Gold medal winning Australian Paralympic swimming team. I have been training and racing against elite athletes for 11 years. I was bullied and put down from when I was 5 right through 'til the end of high school, all because I'm different.

TC: There is one thing many people don't know, and that is that you are deaf. How has that affected you in your life?

Brad: To be honest, being deaf doesn't feel any different. The only difference is that I pay more attention to people.

TC: We both know that you have a real love for bodybuilding and from what we do know, you love Arnie. Tell us, what got you into the sport?

Brad: After I stopped swimming, and after the breakup of a long term relationship, my brother Aaron my best mate showed me this video of "Zyzz" (Aziz Shavershian) and I admired his physique. I thought to myself, "Man, the intense training in bodybuilding and the lifestyle looks more fun than swimming", so I gave it a try. Most of my mates say that I grow really fast and I thought that maybe I should give bodybuilding competitions a shot.

TC: You recently competed in the ACT INBA Natural Physique Titles. Tell us a bit about that journey and some of the highs and lows you experienced.

Brad: My experience at the INBA titles is probably the most fun I've ever had. It's definitely something I would do again, I'll just aim to do better next time! I regret that I didn't bulk up enough, I felt flat and weak but the results of my trainingstill made me feel awesome at what I had achieved that I got up on stage anyway. Posing in my trunks in front of hundreds of people was crazy to be honest! I felt the adrenaline hit me really hard! It was awesome!!

TC: Now that INBA is over, what's next in line for you?

Brad: I can see myself in this bodybuilding lifestyle for a very long time, maybe for 30 years or even more! My next comp will be unknown! It'll be a surprise entry! I am going to have a chat with my coach to make some improvements and go from there.

TC: Just to finish off, for those who want to achieve what they want in life, what advice would you give to the people out there?

Brad: My advice is really simple. If you want to succeed bad enough... ignore the naysayers because they want see you to fail! You only need your family and friends who believe in you from day one! When things get really hard, just remember the reasons why you started and in the end, you will thank yourself that you never gave up!

Congratulations, Brad! It's an honour to work with you and to have watched you grow on your journey.  We can't wait to see what else the future holds!

~TC Team