Adrian King | Photographer

My name is Adrian, but most people call me Adz. I'm a nationally and internationally published professional photographer in Canberra, and I am an Accredited Professional Photographer with the Australian Institute of Professional Photography (AIPP).

From an early age I've had an interest in photography. I have been using cameras since the early '90s – starting with an old Pentax my father owned. From there, my interest grew and inevitably led me to digital photography. Photography is my passion and means of artistic expression. I'm into all styles from the mundane to the completely crazy.

The most important aspect for me is making a connection with someone, after all, I'm a 'people' photographer. It's that connection that really helps me understand what they want from a photoshoot or their wedding. I absolutely love what I do, and being able to capture little moments in time, and share that with the world...that's where it's at for me. 

I specialise in weddings, beauty, fashion, editorial, sports and fitness photography, but I'm definitely not afraid to try anything new.

~ Adz.